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Past, Present & Future.

How? What? Where? When?

Choose Leads was founded by Jade Nash in 2012. She had experience of working within the print advertising industry from EMAP, Yellow Pages and Trader Media. Lead generation was the obvious next step. Her passion and enthusiasm for building relationships teamed with having some amazing luck with employees saw the growth of the company and a stream of happy clients…

Julie Blakeman was the first employee, followed by Charlie Smart and Andrew Kumar, all of whom have been with Choose Leads since the start. Together they developed as a team with year on year growth not only in revenue but in strategy and processes.

In 2017 Trevor Butler came on board as a business partner to start evolving the digital offering and online strategy. Trevor’s background is online marketing and technology predominantly within the travel industry. He was the final cog that the machine needed to propel Choose Leads forward.

In 2018 Choose Leads employed a dedicated Compliance and Auditing Officer. This was to ensure the best complaince processes and auditing were in place for our clients.

Soon after this Thomas joined the data department to complete the team!

Choose Leads works with over 150 data controllers producing both B2C and B2B marketing data. We act as the data buying team for 25-30 core clients. 

Our client base is predominantly outbound call centres ranging from 5-500 agents. These span various sectors including Utilities, Insurance, Assurance,  Financial products and Leisure.  As an extension of our client’s companies we plan, report, assess and compliance check data. 

Our team now runs like a well oiled machine. Ever evolving in processes to fine tune our method and delivery. 

Outsourcing some, or all of your data buying  to Choose Leads brings a wealth of knowledge, skills and contacts to your company. 

2019 has been an amazing year for Choose Leads and its clients. 

The future’s bright ….

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.

“If you can feed a team with more than two pizza’s,
it’s too large”