data cleansing

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Choose Leads provides a Data Cleansing system. This software and service makes running multiple call centres more compliant ensuring that the call centres phone unique records to others within the group, excluding data subjects on TPS and existing clients.

1. Within the system the below suppression files are held:

• Client’s existing data base/clients (numbers only).
• Any prospect data called by the client or outsourced centre in the last 2-3 months (depending on criteria).
• DNC list.

2. This system also checks within real-time-

• TPS.
• PAF.

(for a first use campaign where TPS records are taken a separate upload section will be available)

3. For compliance:

• A set format will be required for data upload/scrub so that the opt in date is always with each record. This means the clients compliance team can find out info about any opt in within a matter of minutes.

4. Logins/Admin:

• Logins are given to call centre partners so any data for calling can be uploaded and automatically scrubbed against the 3 above suppression files in section 1. There will be a dedicated person within Choose Leads who will be available to send out log ins and help with guidance when uploading if needed.

This system creates clean data for call centres, all screened in one place.

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