full transparency on compliance procedures

Assess, Audit, Screen, Repeat.

Choose Leads runs a tight ship in regards to compliance.

Our compliance process is constantly assessed and evolves with every new ICO update or development within GDPR guidelines.

Choose Leads Compliance Process

Choose Leads Privacy Policy

Choose Leads ICO Number: ZA031580 (Registered since 2014)

Compliance done Correctly

We offer a fully transparent compliant solution to ensure the data/leads we supply is are compliant with the very latest data privacy regulations.


All data supplied under ‘consent’ as the reason for processing will have clear and unambiguous opt ins.

Telephone (TPS)

All data will be screened in-house against the TPS register if the reason for processing is legitimate interest.

Permission & Privacy

LIA’s (legitimate interest assessments) and CA’s – (consent assessments) are carried out on each supply of data to ensure the correct permissions are recorded.

Monthly Audits

Each source is given an internal monthly audit grade with feedback given to suppliers and clients.