data planning

quality & compliant data at your finger tips

A goal without a plan is just a wish…

There are 4 things our clients want:

  • A reliable ROI from their data spend.
  • Consistent results from data sets.
  • Organisation and efficiency in data delivery.
  • A solution based attitude.

Regardless of the size of your operation, these needs span across all clients with an outbound calling operation.

Our recipe is simple for volume data supply:

  • Agreed and confirmed data plan at least 5 days before delivery. This leaves time for delivery and any issues with formatting and volume etc. to be ironed out by our team.
  • Always supply a mixture of sources. 
  • Select these sources from real-time reports showing results from other centres and other products. Data is only added to the plan if there is proof of it working elsewhere.
  • Each week, or bi-weekly the plan would include at least one test if not two test sources. The test file volume would be enough to show results but not enough to effect the weeks ROI if the results fell short.

This method of continuously splitting and testing means consistent results and never running out of a good source as Choose Leads combines all of the sources and filters them in such a way you don’t risk having ‘a bad batch’.

For daily leads the recipe is almost the same:

  • Analysing results on an ongoing basis.
  • Adding new feeds on a weekly basis and ensuring they are hitting certain benchmarks.
  • Pause/cancel or give feedback to sources which show areas of concern.

With this method we can grow your campaign knowing that there is structure and low risk.

For this process we do not need all of your budget. We would just exclude any sources you currently use from our planning. With many of our clients once they learn and appreciate our method of planning we would then become their only buyer consolidating all of the data and reporting.

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